Cancellation Policy

Please note that if the event is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. pandemic), a full refund for the Convention and Dinner Dance will be provided.


Refund Policy 

The Host Planning Committee hopes everyone who registers will be able to attend, however we understand that extenuating circumstances do occur. Therefore, we wish to assure our registrants that if you are unable to attend and you advise us at aanatcon2021@gmail.com prior to 31 January 2021, we will happily refund your ticket(s).


We would ask you to consider "paying it forward" and will happily allow you to transfer your ticket to someone else; this also applies if you cancel after 31 January 2021.

Pay It Forward Gift Basket

There are many benefits to attending a National AA Convention and there are some generous members willing to cover the cost for those experiencing financial hardship; therefore we would like to fill a "Gift Basket" of donated tickets to be allocated to anonymous or inquiring members.

If you would like to extend your generosity to our Pay It Forward Gift Basket, please contact us at aanatcon2021@gmail.com. Any funds collected that are unable to be allocated to another member will be returned.


There is a wealth of useful material and resources for Alcoholics Anonymous, here are some links below.

AA Australia

AA South Australia

AA World Services

AA Service Manual

AA Meetings Near Me

Is AA For You?

Thank you to all the groups and individuals for your kind donations; please be sure to include your information in the reference so we can thank you.


BSB 065115 ACC 10460183


For families and friends of alcoholics.​

Al-Anon Australia

Al-Anon South Australia

Al-Anon International


E: aanatcon2021@gmail.com

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